The Muslim Legal Fund of America considers cases with significant potential impact on civil rights and liberties in America. MLFA does not fund cases solely on the basis of a person’s religious identity.

MLFA Defends Muslims by providing pro bono legal services in criminal, civil, and immigration law at the federal level. MLFA’s legal division CLCMA defends against unjust prosecution, governmental overreach, and systems of oppression through civil, immigration, and criminal litigation. All legal services are provided at no cost to beneficiaries.


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MLFA's Fight for Transparency and Justice Halil Demir, the Executive Director of the Zakat Foundation of America, a multi-million dollar humanitarian aid...
MLFA offers pro bono representation to Harvard students and others facing discrimination on college campuses nationwide. In a groundbreaking move, the legal...
MLFA wins first dismissal of Material Support charges in an undercover operation targeting an American Muslim since 9/11! We’re witnessing an alarming...
MLFA stands for AMP in court, so that AMP can stand for Palestine in the United States. Since 2017, MLFA’s legal division...
The parents of David Boim brought a lawsuit in 2000 under the Anti-Terrorism Act against Palestinian nonprofit organizations that later went out...
How MLFA challenged and succeeded in marking the first dismissal of material support of terrorism charges in an undercover operation targeting an...
The Jibrils, a family of seven, got separated, questioned, searched, and detained by federal agents in 2018 traveling to and from Jordan. ...
As a devout Muslim, our client Regina Smith sought the right to wear her hijab while incarcerated in a Virginia prison. But...
Mr. Lefsih immigrated to the U.S. in 2010 under the Diversity Visa program and applied for U.S. citizenship five years later.  USCIS...
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