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It’s an election year! Tune in as MLFA attorneys walk mosque leaders through considerations regarding political involvement as Election Day approaches. Some...


Muslim Legal Fund of America is excited to offer you first-hand access to our legal experts, scholars, and executive leadership. Our team stands ready to plan and execute meaningful events for your community, at little to no cost.

For too long we have been unfairly targeted by unjust laws, policies, and practices that have threatened our safety, security, and wellbeing. By inviting MLFA to your community you are helping to educate, defend, and protect the Muslim ummah. Once you’ve filled out this short form a member from our staff will be in touch to discuss details.

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Jummah Khutbah

An engaging Friday sermon where an inspirational and devotional address is shared with members of your community. Use this opportunity to offer new speakers to your community where themes of justice, solidarity, and remaining steadfast in your worship are covered.

Speakers: MLFA Community Engagement Team Member

Duration: Varying times

Social Media, the FBI and Your Rights - presentation

Social media, the FBI and Your Rights

The experts at MLFA discuss critical legal issues that all in the Muslim community must be aware of, especially if their children are on social media. Our experts will discuss a variety of potential criminal charges, online privacy, and cyberbullying. We’ll examine the role the FBI plays in investigating and prosecuting...

Speakers: Legal experts in MLFA’s Criminal Litigation Department

Duration: 90 minutes with Q&A session

Judgment in the Name of Religion

Our speakers will explore the legal implications and community impact of using religion as a basis for judgment. There will be engagement in a thought-provoking discussion on how religion can sometimes be used to justify discriminatory or harmful actions, and how the legal system can respond to prevent such abuses....

Speakers: Legal experts in MLFA’s Civil Litigation Department

Duration: 90 minutes with Q&A session

U.S. Immigration Inefficiencies or Islamophobia?

Our speakers will explore the intersection of U.S. immigration law and Islamophobia. They will discuss how inefficiencies in the U.S. immigration system coexist alongside injustice and intentional discrimination in the immigration process under the guise of national security. You'll hear an in-depth take on the role of policy, politics, and...

Speakers: Legal experts in MLFA’s Immigration Litigation Department

Duration: 90 minutes with Q&A session

Sidebar: The Real Impact of Religious Profiling

Our legal experts from MLFA's various Litigation Teams will lead this engaging discussion, aimed at helping us gain a better understanding of the federal government's use of religious profiling and discrimination, guilt by association, and the abusive use of the undercover program in the name of national security. This event...

Speakers: Legal experts in MLFA’s various Litigation Teams.

Duration: 90 minutes with Q&A session