Boim v. American Muslims for Palestine

The parents of David Boim brought a lawsuit in 2000 under the Anti-Terrorism Act against Palestinian nonprofit organizations that later went out of business, and received a judgment in 2004 of $156 million.  They couldn’t collect much of it, because those entities went out of business. In 2017, they brought two lawsuits against AMP claiming it should be responsible for that judgment even though it wasn’t formed until 2006, and independently. Since May 2017 we’ve been defending AMP and its officers and will continue as long as we need to and put an end to these baseless claims.


In both 2017 and 2020, we got the case dismissed.  Then the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals reversed, ruling the Boims had alleged facts that “if true” could establish liability.  We continue with discovery, and won the right to depose plaintiff Joyce Boim even though the attorneys fought that repeatedly. We look forward to showing the court the plaintiffs can’t prove their allegations, instead of just being able to make accusations without a basis.


Without MLFA’s donors, AMP too would  have run out of money and not continued to serve its purpose to educate the U.S. on the rich culture and history of Palestine.  Now more than ever, AMP’s right to do that matters–even in the face of unsupported allegations . We will continue fighting for AMP as long as needed, so it can continue its work, and we can make sure the legal system requires more than just “broad brush” allegations against all Muslim nonprofits.