American Muslims for Palestine (AMP): MLFA’s Critical Role

MLFA stands for AMP in court, so that AMP can stand for Palestine in the United States.

Since 2017, MLFA’s legal division has stood with AMP, and continues to represent AMP, free of cost as always, in its fights on many fronts in courtrooms across America.

In May 2017, right-wing forces attempted to hold AMP accountable for a decades-old judgment against defunct Palestinian entities. Despite being created in 2006 and having no involvement in the earlier lawsuit, AMP faced legal challenges, accused of operating as the “alter ego” of those entities to avoid the prior judgment. It defended itself on multiple legal fronts against a debt it did not incur, facing liability without a trial for events predating its existence.

That’s when MLFA attorneys got involved.

Our opponents thought they’d have an easy win – they won several key steps in their legal history by default, because the other entities could no longer pay to defend themselves and did not have legal counsel.

Many forces hoped to bankrupt AMP: shut it down, without the burden of having to actually prove any allegations. Our civil litigation attorneys quickly got involved in the legal proceedings against AMP, within a month of their initiation. Uninterrupted and unwavering, our legal team has represented AMP throughout the entire seven-year duration of the litigation.

Our donors made it possible for our attorneys to work tirelessly on behalf of AMP free of cost so that it did not suffer the same fate as other defunct Muslim nonprofit organizations.

Imagine navigating this genocide without a trusted resource like AMP standing with our community. Instead, our Civil Litigation team, led by Civil Litigation Department Head Christina A. Jump has been by AMP’s side from the start seven years ago. We turned the tide.

We’ve been here with AMP through it all:

  • Persevering through seven years of ongoing litigation.
  • Navigating a Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals oral argument and subsequent reversal.
  • Participating in more than 20 federal court hearings and counting.
  • Completing ten depositions and counting.
  • Managing over 370 federal court filings in the “new” 2017 lawsuit alone.
  • Conducting two depositions of the Plaintiff after requiring a court order for her appearance.

Our legal victories don’t just protect AMP; they safeguard the very essence of its mission — providing education and history within the United States on Palestine and its rich culture, and its right to survive.

Your Zakat allows us to defend and protect AMP and countless other Muslim organizations just like it. As you fulfill the obligation to provide humanitarian aid, do not forget to fulfill your obligation to justice. The urgency to protect those who boldly advocate for a free Palestine has reached unprecedented heights.