Gaza Solidarity Encampments

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Student Movements for Justice

Muslim Legal Fund of America (MLFA) stands at the forefront of defending the oppressed and advocating for justice. As campus protests and Gaza solidarity encampments gain momentum across the country, we recognize the profound impact these movements have on our communities.

Peaceful demonstrations and free speech are the bedrock of our nation’s foundation. These acts are not violent; they are the essence of democracy—a fundamental right guaranteed by our Constitution.

Throughout history, protests, boycotts, and peaceful demonstrations have shaped our nation’s progress. MLFA is honored to protect these rights for students today, for those who came before them, and for those who will follow. We stand proud alongside these students, upholding the Constitution and ensuring that their voices are heard.

Virtual Event

MLFA Town Hall: Gaza Political Speech and Activities

Trends in National Security Prosecutions

Dive into insightful discussions about the legal landscape surrounding Gaza and explore strategies for overcoming the fears that often accompany advocating for justice. Engage with legal experts, share your concerns, and work together to build a more informed and empowered community. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain legal insights, and be part of a vital conversation that can drive positive change.

Student Activism

Student activism is a cornerstone of our education system and a fundamental constitutional right. We stand firmly with those who raise their voices in protest, demanding an end to injustice and oppression.

Watch our series of videos to gain insight into how students can navigate their constitutional rights during times of unrest and conflict.

MLFA Representation

MLFA is proud to represent Harvard University students and has filed with the Department of Education on their behalf. We’re also legally advising students pro bono on their rights during protests and peaceful demonstrations. While we can’t share details for privacy and protection reasons, rest assured we’re working tirelessly with students nationwide to protect their First Amendment rights. We’re proud to legally advise students re Gaza solidarity encampments from:


Peaceful demonstrations and free speech are fundamental to our country, and we’re proud to stand with these students in upholding these principle

If you know a student who needs help please contact us to request free legal advice:
[email protected] or (972) 331-9021.

Pro Bono Advocacy

Our work is pro bono because we believe in the importance of standing against injustice, regardless of financial barriers. Our team of legal experts is dedicated to providing support and resources to those in need.

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Your Voice Matters

If you or your organization are facing legal challenges related to student activism or Gaza solidarity efforts, we’re here to help. Contact us today to request free legal advice and support.

[email protected] or (972) 331-9021

News & Commentary

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Join MLFA in advocating for justice and standing in solidarity with the oppressed.
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