Revealed: Anti-BDS Organization Funding 7-year Lawsuit Against AMP

Our attorneys don’t give up easily, that’s for sure! 

During their regular internet searches as part of the ongoing litigation, MLFA’s Civil Litigation attorneys discovered a letter, unprotected on the internet, that identifies who is funding the ongoing seven-year-old lawsuit against American Muslims for Palestine (“AMP”). The letter identifies the funding entity as Scholars for Peace in the Middle East (“SPME”), a non-profit organization of academics that describes itself as dedicated to “fighting BDS in America and abroad.” The letter came from the law firm Lewin & Lewin, LLP, which recently lost a bid to the Supreme Court in another case where those attorneys sued a different American non-profit organization advocating for the rights of Palestinians.  Lewin & Lewin’s letter outlines the terms for how SPME agrees to pay for the litigation, on behalf of Stanley and Joyce Boim.  

The Boims’ attorneys fought to keep the letter and its contents private, even though our attorneys found it on the internet.  The letter came up as the forty-seventh search result under Stanley Boim’s name. See, we really are persistent!  The Court ruled in favor of AMP, and determined that both the identity of SPME and its payment arrangement with Lewin & Lewin may be made public, with just a few redactions that you’ll see in the letter linked below. So, we now make them public.  Feel free to review for yourself! 

We look forward to including SPME and its leadership in the ongoing discovery process in this case, as we continue our dedicated litigation on behalf of AMP. And we look forward to learning even more about SPME’s decision to fund this case and its reasons for targeting AMP.