Welcome to Jinan Chehade!

We proudly welcome Jinan Chehade to our team as our newest Civil Litigation Junior Staff Attorney, based out of the Chicago area.

Jinan Chehade graduated from Georgetown University Law Center in 2023, building her experience in civil litigation and advocacy along the way. Jinan worked at the Department of Justice Civil Rights Special Litigation Division while attending Georgetown Law, and strategically analyzed cases on the intersection of policy and litigation. Jinan also represented refugees seeking asylum through the Center for Applied Legal Studies, where she successfully litigated and achieved asylum for her client. And as a legal intern at the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), Jinan honed her litigatory skills on issues of religious freedom in the workplace and in schools. Jinan also worked as an intern at the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) on landmark cases of government accountability, free speech, and criminal justice reform.

Jinan also developed her leadership skills while doing all the above. At Georgetown Law, Jinan co-founded Law Students for Justice in Palestine. She also served as president of the Muslim Law Students Association (MLSA) and Program Chair of the National Muslims Law Students Association (NMLSA).


Prior to law school, Jinan studied Public Policy, Arabic, and Islamic World Studies at DePaul University. Born and raised in the Bridgeview (Little Palestine) area of Chicagoland, Jinan credits much of her drive for civil rights to the sense of purpose her community instilled in her at a young age. Jinan now has over eight years of experience organizing and working for civil rights in the community and on campuses. Jinanfounded a national non-profit campaign that raised over $1,000,000 for humanitarian causes around the world, including Yemen, Rohingya, and also for asylum seekers.


She already on the grounds doing great work for MLFA. Jinan Chehade spoke at Georgetown University Law Center at an event hosted by Law Students for Justice in Palestine about employment discrimination and Palestine. Jinan spoke about the concept of Palestine being exception to free speech and the onslaught of attacks against associates and law students who speak up for Palestinians rights. Jinan also spoke about her own experience with repression due to her Palestinian activism.

We look forward to seeing Jinan apply her skills and experience toward the practice of law, and know our clients will benefit from her drive and intellect.  Join us in welcoming Jinan to the team at MLFA’s legal division!