There Are Many Who Are Willing to Stand Up Against Unlawful Discrimination

The Muslim Legal Fund of America (MLFA) continues to expand efforts to pursue fair treatment for Muslims in America. The Constitutional Law Center for Muslims in America (CLCMA), funded by the MLFA. In addition to funding our boutique law firm, the Constitutional Law Center for Muslims in America (CLCMA), MLFA is actively pursuing partnerships, including a partnership with the Lilly School of Philanthropy at IUPUI, and working to find new, innovative ways to support justice for all.

Our focus at both MLFA and CLCMA remains on issues that affect Muslims, but we are not alone in our fight for justice. There are many who are willing to stand up against unlawful discrimination, regardless of their personal backgrounds or beliefs, and we are confident that recruiting allies is a powerful way forward for all of us.

MLFA is Zakat eligible and all donations are tax deductible, so please give and join us in the critical work that we’re doing to create a more equitable America.

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