MLFA a Trusted Champion of Equality and Justice for American Muslims – Especially Post October 7th

In times of adversity, the unity of voices becomes a pillar of hope and at the forefront of this solidarity stands the Muslim Legal Fund of America (MLFA). 

Since the onset of October 2023, our communities have witnessed a distressing surge in attacks, hate crimes, and the unjust demonization of Arab and Muslim populations. In this turbulent climate, MLFA’s need for legal aid and advocacy has never been more urgent. 

A recent report titled “100 Days of Building Power and Solidarity” sheds light on the stark realities. From heightened surveillance to increased detentions, the hurdles faced by our communities demand swift action. This report underscores the vital role of robust infrastructure and funding in anchoring rapid response efforts and fostering long-term community empowerment. 

Established in 2001, MLFA has been a constant champion of equality and justice for American Muslims. With a legacy of impactful litigation and national security injunctions, MLFA is well-equipped to address the current crisis head-on. Rooted in the defense of constitutional rights, particularly regarding humanitarian aid to Gaza and advocacy for Palestinian rights, MLFA remains determined in the face of punitive legal measures. 

Since October 2023, MLFA has been tirelessly engaged in providing critical support for the ongoing crisis. Through a series of emergency “know your rights” workshops and legal consultations, we’ve reached hundreds of individuals nationwide. Our legal team has responded to over 60 inquiries, completed 72 legal intakes – a 120% compared to last year, and currently represents 44 clients, all connected to Palestine-related issues. MLFA continues to lead the fight for justice for Muslim Americans. Most notably, we’ve initiated proactive measures, including the filing a civil rights complaint with the Department of Education on behalf of Harvard University students encountering discrimination due to their Palestinian, Arab, or Muslim backgrounds. 

MLFA has seen a 500% increase in the number of calls since October 2023 and our criminal defense team alone anticipates an additional 900 hours of work to Palestine-related cases in response to increased repression, surveillance, and targeting of frontline organizers, advocates, and Palestinian and Muslims community members. 

Our goal is clear: to protect, defend, and educate our communities from legal attacks and ensure the sustainability of social justice initiatives led by community organizers and Palestinian-led organizations. 

We extend our call to justice-oriented individuals and organizations to stand with us in funding this critical work. Together, let’s seize this moment to drive our movement and advocate for freedom and justice everywhere. 

Help fund this work so we can do more to protect the oppressed visit MLFA.ORG/donate