MLFA 2023 Annual Staff Retreat

Strengthening Bonds, Inspiring Growth, and Building a Bright Future 

Dallas, TX – August 16, 2023


We, at Muslim Legal Fund of America (MLFA), recently hosted an invigorating staff retreat at our headquarters in Dallas, Texas. The event, attended by the board of directors, full-time employees, with remote team members connected online, served as a catalyst for growth, teamwork, and rejuvenation. With a comprehensive agenda encompassing a full day of informative sessions and team-building activities, the retreat proved to be a valuable experience that left participants feeling energized, inspired, and ready to tackle new challenges.

Setting the stage for the day, MLFA kicked off the retreat by focusing on visioning and aligning. This foundational session allowed staff members to collectively envision and articulate our shared goals and aspirations. Through engaging discussions and collaborative exercises, participants honed their understanding of MLFA’s mission and solidified their commitment to working together towards a brighter future.

Accountability, a core value at MLFA, took center stage during the retreat. The staff delved into topics surrounding individual and collective accountability, recognizing its transformative power in driving results and achieving organizational success. Through interactive workshops and thought-provoking discussions, employees gained valuable insights into fostering a culture of excellence, where each team member takes ownership of their roles and responsibilities.


At the heart of MLFA’s work lie five core principles: justice, courage, excellence, accountability, and community. These guiding principles were explored in-depth, with dedicated sessions focusing on each one. By delving into the essence of these values and their impact on MLFA’s important mission, staff members gained a deeper understanding of the organization’s core beliefs and their role in effecting positive change.


We understand the significance of sustainable fund development to ensure the continuity of our vital work. Therefore, the retreat allocated time to discuss innovative fundraising strategies and approaches. Employees engaged in strategic workshops, sharing best practices and exchanging ideas to maximize their efforts in securing resources for MLFA’s mission. By equipping staff members with the knowledge and tools needed to thrive in this crucial aspect, MLFA is well-positioned to continue making a significant impact.


“Reflecting on our past achievements and honoring the future” was the theme of the final session. As the day drew to a close, staff members gathered to celebrate MLFA’s accomplishments and envision the possibilities that lie ahead. This reflective session served as a reminder of the substantial impact MLFA has made in defending the rights of Muslim-Americans. It also fueled participants’ determination to continue their vital work and make an even greater difference in the days to come.


To conclude the retreat on a high note, the MLFA team embarked on a team-building adventure – an exciting bowling outing. This recreational activity provided an opportunity for colleagues to strengthen their bonds, foster camaraderie, and enjoy each other’s company outside the confines of the office. Laughter filled the air as everyone celebrated their shared experiences, building lasting connections that will contribute to a positive and collaborative work environment.


The 2023 MLFA Staff Retreat was truly a breath of fresh air, providing an essential break from daily routines and reigniting the passion of those involved. The informative sessions, engaging activities, and opportunities for personal growth served to inspire and rejuvenate the staff, fostering a renewed sense of purpose and commitment to MLFA’s mission. With the success of this retreat, MLFA plans to make it an annual tradition, ensuring that they continue to invest in their most valuable asset – their dedicated team.