Law center for Muslims to challenge presumption of guilt

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – A former U.S. military attorney keynoted a well-attended Muslim Legal Fund of America fundraising event here, Nov. 15, announcing the formation of a new law center specifically for Muslims in the United States facing constitutional and civil rights violations.

The evening featured speakers MLFA executive director Khalil Meek, internationally known Islamic scholar Hamza Yusuf, and Lt. Cmdr. (Ret.) Charles Swift, an attorney who is setting up the Constitutional Law Center for Muslims in America. The center will be a non-profit law firm that will take on civil and criminal cases for Muslims suffering violations of human rights. All three speakers hammered home the grave violations of the civil rights of Muslims, including unjustified and indiscriminate surveillance, politically motivated prosecutions and convictions, and entrapment of youth by FBI agents.

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