If the FBI Contact You

“Trust in Allah, but tie your camel.” – (The Prophet Muhammad (SAW), Tirmidhī 2517)

If the FBI reaches out to you, reach out to us.

You should speak with an attorney before you agree to speak with the FBI or any other member of the Terrorism Task Force.

The Muslim Legal Fund of America (MLFA) legal department (CLCMA), will help you to determine the purpose of the interview, as well as what you can do to protect yourself. We will make sure that you know your rights and responsibilities.

We can help make sure that you don’t say anything that gets you in trouble. In some cases, our attorneys have been able to arrange for immunity before you speak with FBI agents.

  • Write down the name, agency, and phone number of the person who contacts you.
  • You may be required in some situations to identify yourself. Other than that, you have the right to say nothing. Let them know that you need to speak with an attorney.
  • Since FBI interviews are usually not recorded, the only official record of the interview is often the FBI’s agent’s account of what happened and what was said.

If you decide to participate in the FBI interview, one of our attorneys can be present with you to make sure that your rights are protected.

If you’ve been contacted by the FBI, call 972-914-2507 or go here: Application for Legal Assistance – CLCMA.

Application for Legal Assistance

Submit an Application Form. Please do not include any confidential information.

A representative will contact you to either get more information or to let you know your case does not meet the mission of MLFA.

MLFA´s legal division, CLCMA may contact you for more information to better evaluate your case.

If your case is an appropriate case that meets the organization’s mission guidelines and there are legal issues of merit, CLCMA will draft a recommendation to the MLFA Board suggesting approval for funding.

If MLFA approves funding, MLFA´s legal division, CLCMA will notify you that your case has been accepted and CLCMA can begin work on our case once a Client Agreement has been signed by you.

by Jeannine Sherman – Tuesday, June 01, 2022


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If the FBI reach out to you, reach out to us.

What to do if the FBI contact you

If the FBI reach out to you

Application for Legal Assistance

If the FBI contact you