Harvard students file civil rights complaint claiming harassment for supporting Palestinian rights

01/28/24 Reposted from ground.news


  • A federal civil rights complaint has been filed against Harvard University on behalf of Muslim and Palestinian students who claim the school failed to protect them from harassment and intimidation.
  • Jewish students have also sued Harvard, alleging rampant anti-Jewish hatred and harassment on campus. They too claim the university did not adequately protect them.
  • The complaint filed by the Muslim Legal Fund of America demands an immediate investigation into the alleged harassment and racist attacks on campus.


  • The Muslim Legal Fund of America has filed a federal civil rights complaint against Harvard University on behalf of over a dozen students who were harassed due to their Palestinian, Arab, and Muslim backgrounds.
  • The students experienced various forms of harassment, including doxxing, stalking, and assault.
  • The complaint demands an immediate investigation into the alleged harassment on campus and asserts that these students deserve the same protections as others.

Bias Insights

  • The left emphasizes the portrayal of Muslim and Palestinian students at Harvard as victims of harassment and discrimination. It critiques Harvard’s failure to protect them and uses loaded language to evoke strong negative emotions, such as “rampant harassment” and “terrorists.”
  • The center highlights the experiences of the Muslim and Palestinian students, focusing on allegations of harassment and intimidation. It suggests that Harvard has not adequately responded to these incidents and portrays the complaint as necessary for addressing religious discrimination and harassment.
  • Both sides exhibit a bias in favor of the students and the Muslim Legal Fund of America, presenting their perspective and grievances without offering alternative points of view.