FBI and the Monitoring of Social Media Activity

We’re hearing from our communities that teens & adults are being questioned by the FBI due to their social media activity.

  • If approached by the FBI you DO NOT have to speak to them. Refusing to engage is not a sign of guilt. It’s a sign of wisdom. Instead, clearly tell the FBI agent you require your attorney to be present. Contact your attorney or our lawyers at  972– 914-2507.
  • You do not have to show an FBI agent your social media activity, or give them your device. If your accounts are private you DO NOT have to share your login details. Respectfully, offer that once your lawyer is present you will cooperate.
  • During high stress situations it’s normal to confuse dates, times, and interactions. As such, it’s best to NOT divulge any information as harmless as it may seem. Making false statements can be considered a crime. Keep quiet until your counsel is with you.
  • An FBI agent may have ulterior motives for questioning you. You may be connected to someone they want more information about, you might have influence they want to rely on. An agent interviewing you does not mean you’re guilty. Islamophobia is deeply institutionalized and Muslim communities have been disproportionately impacted by this.
  • Don’t go at this alone. For 20+ years we have dedicated ourselves to educating, protecting, and defending Muslim Americans against institutionalized Islamophobia at the highest level of law in the US.

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