Islamic Center of Northeast Louisiana Jummah Khutbah & SOCIAL MEDIA, THE FBI AND YOUR RIGHTS

Immerse yourself in an evening of profound enlightenment and community empowerment! On Friday, April 26th, join us at the Islamic Center of Northeast Louisiana for a transformative session dedicated to justice and the challenges facing Muslims in America.

Experience the resonance of Imam Ahmed Elkhaldy’s thought-provoking Friday sermon, igniting discussions on justice, solidarity, and unwavering devotion. Following this after Maghrib, Civil Defense Attorney Basel Ahasan will navigate the intersection of religion and judgment, exploring legal implications and community impact. Engage in riveting dialogue as we unravel the complexities of religious discrimination and discover pathways to safeguarding rights for all.

This event isn’t merely an opportunity—it’s a catalyst for change. Be part of the vital conversation shaping our community’s response to pressing issues. Join us as we unite in pursuit of justice, understanding, and empowerment. See you there!

Come join us as we come together to seek justice, understanding, and empowerment. We look forward to seeing you there!

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