DHS Grants Immigrant Visa for Wife of a U.S. Citizen in Response to CLCMA’s Legal Challenge

Recently, USCIS provided our client long-awaited good news about his pending petition seeking permission for his wife to immigrate to the U.S. This is the outcome he’s been waiting nearly two years to hear – case approved! USCIS rendered its favorable decision soon after CLCMA filed a Complaint in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, challenging the government’s arbitrary and lengthy delay. The fact that USCIS resolved this case only after it faced federal court litigation reveals that the government’s failure to perform its basic duty to decide immigration cases in a timely manner must not go unchallenged.

Our client’s wife will now continue her pursuit to live in the United States, with her U.S. citizen husband and children, after many years of uncertainty. While this approval is not the conclusion of her immigration process, CLCMA is committed to supporting our client in the next steps so that this young family can finally realize this worthy goal. This case and many others expose the ongoing need for legal advocates to vigorously defend immigrant families against systematic discrimination by USCIS and others.

“We are thrilled for our client and his entire family to receive this long overdue result,” said Christina Jump, CLCMA’s Civil Litigation Department Head. “While we find it regrettable that no action by USCIS occurred until we initiated federal court litigation, we appreciate the equalizing role the courts serve in this matter and so many others.”

“It is unfortunate that USCIS is only willing to perform its mission of ‘efficiently and fairly adjudicating requests for immigration benefits’ when its failure to do so is publicly exposed in court proceedings,” said Kathryn Brady, CLCMA’s Immigration Department Head. “It was exciting to share this positive news with our client after many years of him enduring this government’s discriminatory actions.”