CLCMA Statement Regarding Biden Administration

The United States government has often been likened to a mammoth ship. For the last four years, President Trump steered that ship on course away from the American value of equality, guided instead by xenophobia, islamophobia, and racial intolerance. Yesterday, President Biden took the first steps to turning the ship back toward a fairer, just, and sustainable course. His executive orders reversing the Muslim Ban, rejoining the Paris Climate Accord, reversing immigration restrictions, halting the building of the wall, and reinstating diversity training for federal contractors and others are first steps towards putting the United States back on course. But those who are relying on President Biden to turn the ship by himself will find change slow in coming. Just putting the rudder over is not enough. To bring about change, we all need to lean in and do our part. At CLCMA, we look forward to doing our part to make this change of course a reality, not just for our clients but for the American Muslim community as a whole. In the next few months, we will be reaching out, both with analysis of what the Biden administration’s policies mean for our clients, the Muslim community, and suggestions as to how we all can help turn the ship back to a course of fairness.