CLCMA Proudly Represents Haisam Elsharkawi at the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals

CLCMA proudly represents Haisam Elsharkawi at the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, with oral arguments Tuesday, September 20, at 9:30 am Pacific time.

Since 2017, CLCMA and Haisam Elsharkawi have worked together in the courts for justice. So far, CLCMA prevailed at gaining $20,000 for Mr. Elsharkawi on his claims under the Federal Tort Claims Act, and got the remanded back to the district court by the Ninth Circuit two years ago, when the courts required the government to provide more detail and testimony about its inspections of his phones.

Now we return, ready to argue that he should not be faulted for not listing an exact future travel date when he could not have traveled due to Covid restrictions.
Join us as CLCMA’s Civil Litigation team, led by Civil Litigation Department Head Christina Jump and with Staff Attorneys Alyssa Morrison and Najmu Mohseen on the briefs, return to the Ninth Circuit. This time, we come armed with even more favorable recent caselaw, including the holdings from our own Ghedi and Jibril cases.