CLCMA Petition to the Supreme Court Highlighted by SCOTUSblog

This past Friday, the legal blog site SCOTUSblog, which analyzes cases and petitions before the Supreme Court, highlighted one of CLCMA’s recently filed Petitions. The links below will take you to the SCOTUSblog article discussing the Petition filed regarding Khalid Turaani’s case under the Privacy Act, and CLCMA’s article on the filing of this Petition. As accurately summarized in the blog article, the lower court rulings “effectively grant[] the government a “free pass” to disseminate confidential information to third parties without any consequences, despite protections established by Congress in the Privacy Act” and CLCMA, on behalf of Mr. Turaani, “asks for the court’s review to enforce the Privacy Act’s protection against improper disclosures and declare that a foreseeable action of third parties in response to an improper government disclosure is enough to establish traceability for standing purposes.”

The government’s response brief, should it choose to file one, is due August 19, 2021. We will post any updates on this case as they occur.