CLCMA Client Gets TSA Decision Reversed After Nearly Three Years of Fighting

Since 2016, CLCMA client Lassana Magassa has been fighting the TSA’s unexplained revocation of his security clearance. A highly educated, community-minded U.S. citizen, Mr. Magassa lost his job at Delta Airlines because the government suddenly revoked his TSA clearance with no explanation at all. For three years, the government continued to fight restoring his privileges based on nothing more than “guilt by association” — with unnamed individuals whom the government suspects of unidentified activities or affiliations – until recently.

On July 26, 2019, CLCMA received a letter from the TSA, now recognizing that Mr. Magassa does not pose a threat. While welcome and long overdue, this reversal is equally unexplained, and does nothing to reassure Mr. Magassa that it won’t happen again.