CLCMA Attorneys To Present Oral Arguments in Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals

Please join CLCMA attorneys as they present oral arguments to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals on Monday, August 2, on the 9:00 am central time docket. CLCMA will be arguing on behalf of its client Abdulaziz Ghedi, who has long suffered from suspected placement in the government’s Terrorist Screening Database without being given any chance at due process. This treatment causes him extensive delays each time he travels, including being pulled off the plane after boarding and having agents wait for him at the gate for connecting flights, as well as missed flights which airlines often will not reimburse. And, he believes this has also led to the cancellation of credit cards and closure of bank accounts despite his excellent credit rating. These are not mere “inconveniences” as the government argues; they affect his and others’ chances at their livelihoods as well as damaging their reputations. “The government cannot use the claim of ‘national security’ as a sword to prevent it from having to make any disclosures in any situations,” argues Christina A. Jump, CLCMA’s Civil Litigation Department Head. “We are all for standard security measures. But heightened screening requires a heightened showing of a need for it, and the government hasn’t shown anything here.”

Join us in listening to the arguments bright and early Monday morning.

U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit – Youtube