A mother of two in Tennessee, who converted to Islam in 2014, initially supported ISIS but later distanced herself as their actions became more extreme.

She was investigated by the Department of Justice based on her social media posts, which led to her being charged with Attempted Material Support of Terrorism. The charges stemmed from her sharing an online contact’s username with an undercover agent posing as a friend, though she quickly withdrew this information due to fear of losing her friendship. Nevertheless, the government pursued the charges against her.


MLFA’s litigation of this case exposed both the government’s abusive tactics and overstatement of the risk posed by American Muslims to security.

Convincing the judiciary and the public that the Department of Justice that their terrorism prevention program unjustifiably targets American Muslims.

Verdict/Ruling: Dropped all charges. which originally carried a 40-year maximum sentence to a lesser charge of 10-year max.

The Muslim Legal Fund of America fought this case for three years.

MLFA successfully challenged the credibility of the government’s terrorism expert, exposed the use of a fake undercover operative who posed as a religious leader to persuade Giampietro to travel to Syria, and convinced the trial court to reveal the identities of undercover operatives.


Client Name: Ms. Georgianna Giampietro
Case Name:United States of America v. Georgianna A.M. Giampietro
Date Filed:2019
Date Terminated: 2022
Legal Department:Criminal
Gender: Female
Race/Ethnicity: White American
Location: Tennessee
Occupation:Clinical Social Worker
Federal Agency Involved:  FBI
Issues: Entrapment, Attempted Material Support of Terrorism