From Syria to Texas: An American Dream Shattered By FBI Entrapment

The story of our client is one that we must bring to light during this holy month of Ramadan. He’s 72-year-old Syrian-born businessman who, like many was in search of the American dream. Throughout his years here, he hustled through numerous ventures in pursuit of success, but all failed—that is until he encountered an FBI informant at the mosque.

This FBI informant took advantage of our client’s vulnerability by offering him an investment deal that would make him millions. His investor subsequently imposed a condition that a small portion of the profits would be given to fighters in Syria—an agreement never fulfilled as no money was ever transferred or business set up. Our client had been entrapped by the FBI into the false accusation of providing material support to terrorists—a claim he never supported nor acted upon.

Fast forward to May 2023 where our client will go on trial for charges that never should have been brought against him in the first place—all due to FBI tactics targeting our community under the guise of “national security”. MLFA was created and continues its fight against government overreach precisely because stories like this must be told and heard during this special month.

Let us come together during Ramadan and remember why we stand united in challenging injustice—in whatever form it may take!