Unfair Targeting. 20 years lost. Victim of CARRP policies.

Twenty years is a long time to wait for anything, especially when it comes to your future in a new country. But for one of our clients, that’s been the unfortunate reality. Their N-400 application for naturalization has been stuck in limbo with USCIS due to concerns about material support and guilt-by-association issues. Despite multiple interviews with the FBI and other government agents, progress had been frustratingly slow. Until now, that is.

After discovering that they were being subjected to unfair targeting due to his national origin (CARRP policies*), MLFA stepped in to provide representation. With our involvement the client’s case is finally moving forward. We filed once again for their green card application in 2022, which resulted in a new green card being issued. And the best news? This is just the beginning.

Our team is continuing to work tirelessly on the case as it progresses through USCIS. While federal court litigation is an option, we’re hopeful that administrative remedies will lead to a decision on their N-400 application. We understand how important this is to our client and their family, and we won’t stop until we achieve the outcome they deserve.

* CARRP (Controlled Application Review and Resolution Program) is a policy within United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) that aims to prevent selected individuals from obtaining citizenship or immigration benefits.