Haazim Patel

Project Manager & Research Associate, American Muslim Legal Eco-System (AMLE)

Haazim Patel is the American Muslim Legal Eco-System Project Manager & Research Associate working jointly with MLFA and CAIR-Chicago. With a strong academic background, earning a B.S. from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee in May 2023 in Biomedical Science and Technology. Haazim has demonstrated his technical prowess as a Software Engineer Intern at a Stealth FinTech Startup, where he played a pivotal role in software design, coding, and debugging, ensuring top-notch software quality.

Furthermore, Haazim’s project management and community engagement skills shine through his experience as a Project Manager and Marketing intern at Helping Hands. His dedication to marketing, outreach, and mission promotion was also evident in this role. Haazim’s commitment to community development and strategic outreach is further exemplified during his tenure as an Outreach Coordinator at Young Muslims, where he fostered positive relationships with Islamic businesses and organizations, executed successful outreach plans, and contributed significantly to the growth of the local Muslim community.

Haazim’s diverse skill set and passion for making a meaningful impact on both the technical and community fronts make him a valuable addition to any team. In his spare time, Haazim enjoys watching sports like football and basketball, cooking, and reading. You can connect with Haazim Patel by reaching out via email at [email protected] or [email protected].