Ahmed Elkhaldy

Director of Community Engagement and Stewardship

Vice President of Mercy Without Limits
Currently residing in Iowa, Elkhaldy has recently graduated from the University of Science, Arts and Technology – the school of medicine, with an MD degree.
Elkhaldy is currently serving as the Imam and President of MAS Iowa since 2006.
He previously served as the Imam of the Islamic Center of Cedar Rapids, Iowa from 2000-2006;
And was an associate Imam at Islamic Society of Central Florida, Orlando FL from 1996-2000.
Elkhaldy served as National Director of MAS Service Corps (MSC) from 2006-2010.
He also served as the National Director of the Inter-Religious Council of the Muslim American Society from 2005-2006.
He has been a member of the Inter-Religious Council of Linn County’s Board of Directors since 2000 and has served as Vice-President from 2004 to 2007, then president of the council on 2008.

In 2005, Elkhaldy co-founded and joined the Executive Committee of the Children of Abraham in Cedar Rapids, IA.
In 2006 Elkhaldy joined the Board of Directors of Barnabas Uplift, an outreach program to assist the working poor in the community.

Elkhaldy is a licensed Judo instructor with a second-degree black belt from the United States Martial Arts Association. He also practices Hapkido, Arnis and Kumdo.

“The motorcyclist Imam” As part of his work with Mercy Without Limits, once a month, Elkhaldy leads the Ride for Orphans (RFO) campaign. RFO is a motorcycle tour that started in 2016 to raise funds and support orphan projects for Mercy Without Limits orphans in Syria, Sierra Leone, Bangladesh, Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, and Iraq. Since its establishment, Elkhaldy has ridden to many states across the country and visited more than 300 mosques, 60 schools, and many Motorcucle clubs and other places of worships.