Episode 5 – Journey to Trust

Episode 5 – Journey to Trust

This work is our amana.

We’re here to channel our collective resources towards equality and justice.

As Muslims in the United States, we need to build trust in our communities and in our institutions.

In an effort to strengthen and protect the Muslim nonprofit community, the Muslim Legal Fund of America has created a five-year partnership with Indiana University.

With MLFA funding, we have launched the Ihsan standard, a legal and research project dedicated to leadership excellence among minority-led and Muslim American nonprofits.

This initiative is all about building trust.

We provide nonprofit legal audits and leadership training to promote transparency and community confidence.

We focus on nonprofit legal issues related to governance, risk, and compliance. This is a major step forward for the Muslim nonprofit community, alhamdulilah.

Join us on our sacred journey to advance equality and justice for Muslims in America, in our courtrooms and communities.

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