Episode 3 – Journey to Resilience

Episode 3 – Journey to Resilience

How do we recover from our setbacks? How do we grow?

Hajar (may Allah be pleased with her) found herself alone in the desert with a baby.

Her faith led her to acceptance.

When she understood that Allah had intended for them to be there, she trusted that this was her path.

Her faith was strong enough.

Still, she took action, looking for help, running between Safa and Marwah.

The well of Zamzam sprung from beneath baby Ismail’s feet.

Abundance was right there where she needed it. Allah provided, as she trusted He would.

As Muslims, we honor Hajar’s resilience. When faced with a difficult test, we have faith.

Every problem has a solution. We take action. We show up for each other. We look for helpers, and we stand for justice.

We stay open to abundance and miracles.

Our faith teaches us that incredible changes happen all the time.

We always choose hope, and we remain open to our Zamzams, wherever they appear.

Join us on our sacred journey to advance equality and justice for Muslims in America, in our courtrooms and communities.

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