The Truth About MLFA: Shattering Silence

06 November 2023

We are The Muslim Legal Fund of America (MLFA,) and we will always stand united against injustice. Join us as we unveil our mission to the world and reaffirm our commitment to fighting injustices within the federal legal system and...

Episode 1 – Journey to Awareness
15 March 2023
Think of a time you felt unsteady as a Muslim in the United States. Maybe you were in school when...
Citizens on Probation – Virtual Symposium
17 March 2022
MLFA 20th Anniversary Virtual Symposium
What is behind a promise – Ramadan 2021
19 April 2021
Tarek Al-Kadri Social Justice Leadership Winner 2022 – Mussab Ali
31 August 2022
We are very excited to announce the selection of Mussab Ali for MLFA’s Tarek Al-Kadri Social Justice Leadership Scholarship in...
Dr Bazian talks about the essential work MLFA is doing.
16 July 2021
Dr. Hatem Bazian, MLFA Board Member, Zaytuna College Professor of Islamic Law & Theology, Founder of Islamophobia Research & Documentation...
Investing in the advancement of human rights through the Al-Kadri Social Justice Scholarship
03 February 2022