Sarah Abouelseoud

Sarah Abouelseoud is a second-year law student at Texas A&M University and joins the MLFA as a legal intern. Prior to her time here, she completed her undergraduate degree at Florida International University in Miami, Florida, and worked as a legal assistant in an immigration and health law firm. As a legal assistant, Sarah received invaluable mentoring and experience that helped shape her initiative personality, allowing her to become a self-starting, driven individual capable of taking challenges head-on.
      Prior to her undergraduate degree, Sarah completed school in Cairo, Egypt and Dubai, U.A.E. during the Arab Spring, experiencing complete immersion in the turmoil of revolution and witnessing the blossoming that resulted from change. This experience not only honed her fluency in Arabic, but also allowed her to experience a culture shock that accustomed her to differing viewpoints and societal norms. As a result, she developed a deep sense of empathy with others who have left their home country and immersed themselves in an unknown world, allowing her a deeper level of connection in both her professional and personal relationships.