Maria Guzman

Executive Assistant to CEO

Maria Guzman became an integral part of the Muslim Legal Fund of America in 2020, initially joining as an Executive Assistant to the CEO, and currently also serving as a Project Manager. Her academic background includes four years of dedicated study in dentistry school. Proficient in both English and Spanish, Maria is on a continuous journey of linguistic expansion, presently learning Italian.

Drawing on a robust foundation in customer service, Maria showcased her leadership acumen as a Social Media Team Leader for a multinational company. Fueled by a fervent passion for impact work, Maria actively pursues self-development and strives to uplift others. Her commitment to personal and professional growth materializes through dedicated studies in purposeful communication, storytelling, and negotiation. Her strengths encompass building systems, finding creative solutions, and adeptly solving problems.

Beyond her professional achievements, Maria discovers joy in outdoor activities, finds solace and inspiration in nature, and expresses her creative spirit through various forms of art.