Ingrid Ascencio

Communications & Marketing Manager

Ingrid Ascencio is an experienced multi-passionate freelancer with over two decades of experience working in the transportation and technical industries. She has a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in engineering, as well as an associate degree in photography. Ingrid is a valued asset due to her strong work ethic, immense diversity, and flexibility when it comes to completing projects.

IngridAscencio - Profile Picture

Her expertise extends far beyond website design and copywriting. She is also knowledgeable in social media marketing, psychology, design strategies, and business solutions for both traditional and digital platforms. As an agile professional Ingrid is forever learning the newest tools including UX/UI Design and Artificial Intelligence so that she can stay up to date when it comes to providing solutions for her clients’ unique needs. In addition to Digital Marketing, Copywriting, Technical Writing, Design Principles and Website Design – Ingrid is also bilingual in English & Spanish language.