Arshia Ali-Khan, M.A.

Chief Executive Officer

A visionary leader, with a professional career reflecting over two decades of creative, transformational leadership, in corporate and non-profit organizational development. From high-profile organizations to local individuals and entrepreneurs, Arshia serves as an experienced transformational organization development and human emergence leader and adviser. She has led organizations effectively with cross-functional & multi-cultural teams to transform and expand organizations throughout her career.

In August 2018, Arshia joined the Muslim Legal Fund of America (MLFA) as their first-ever Chief Development Officer (CDO) spearheading organizational development strategies, building development infrastructure, enhancing development activities, and planning and executing comprehensive development campaigns for MLFA. In June of 2020, she was appointed as the interim CEO, and in January of 2022 she was appointed by the board of directors as the CEO of MLFA. In her service as interim CEO she successfully led MLFA through the pandemic, and effectively established greater efficiency, transparency, accountability, and integrity within MLFA. In an effort to strengthen and protect the Muslim nonprofit community, Arshia envisioned and spearheaded a five-year partnership with Indiana University to launch the MLFA-funded Ihsan Standard, a legal and research project dedicated to leadership excellence among minority-led and Muslim American nonprofits. The program aims to encourage effective organizational decisions that benefit programs and clients, to support operations within legal parameters and reduce scrutiny, and promote community confidence in nonprofit organizations. To achieve these goals, The Ihsan Standard provides nonprofit legal screenings to assess the legal health of an organization.

As CEO, in order to build a strong foundation for MLFA Arshia, led and achieved a merger between MLFA and the MLFA-funded Constitutional Law Center for Muslims in America (CLCMA) in 2022. Under her leadership, MLFA will grow to become the National Security Hub for Muslims in the United States. In 2023, MLFA is positioned to grow and she holds a vision for expanding MLFA’s influence and effectiveness in service of setting precedent in national security rights on behalf of Muslim-Americans.