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Bring MLFA along with you as you continue begging for Allah’s mercy and guidance. Join hands with us and fight systemic injustice against the Muslim communities and organizations. Automate and schedule your giving with My Ten Nights

“Beware of injustice. For injustice will be darkness
on the Day of Resurrection.”

-Sahih Muslim, Hadith 2578

My Ten Nights is a platform created by Shamaazi. Donations made via MyTenNights will be transferred to the Muslim Legal Fund of America. Therefore, tax receipts for these donations will be issued in the name of The MyTenNights Fund, and not by the Muslim Legal Fund of America.



Our work would be impossible without courageous advocates like you joining our cause. For some, MLFA is their only hope for legal counsel in matters of national security because we take the “impossible” cases and fight for justice on their side.


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What’s your 17-year plan?

The Constitutional Law Center for Muslims in America (CLCMA), funded by the Muslim Legal Fund of America (MLFA), successfully fought for the rights of Mr. Manouchehr Jafarzadeh to become a lawful permanent resident. The CLCMA co-counseled with the attorney Ladan Mirbagheri-Smith on this case.

are you able to attend Friday prayers?

So many of us, myself included, have asked ourselves this question. Being present at Jummuah prayers, beyond being a religious obligation, is a source of joy and peace that recharges us through the week. Akili Ujima works as a Special Learning Needs coordinator for the Bureau of Prisons in Georgia. This is what he says about his work: “My job is important to me. I am trying my best to make sure our inmates are prepared to go out into society and not return back to prison because of not being prepared adequately.”

That’s not the end of the story.

Muhammad Ali’s funeral was on Friday, June 10, 2016. Many of us remember seeing the incredibly moving funeral procession with so many people showing their love and support for this prominent Muslim fighter. I remember the khutba that day. The imam talked about Ali’s faith and acts of service: “When we are of service to others, we are with God.” Something was shifting in the public vibe. People were starting to open their hearts to Islam, remembering this beautiful human example. I could feel it in the air. It felt hopeful.

MLFA funds the Constitutional Law Center for Muslims in American (CLCMA) to defend unjust prosecution, governmental overreach, and systems of oppression through civil, immigration, and criminal litigation.

In 2021, MLFA launched The Ishan Standard by investing in the Lily School of Philanthropy's Muslim Philanthropy Initiative. We protect our Muslim charitable organizations through individualized assessments. The Ihsan encourages continual growth toward the highest levels of excellence in the philanthropy sector. We adopt the word “ihsan” to communicate our goal to encourage the highest levels of leadership excellence.

Make an impact in the lives of real people in your community. This Ramadan, you can extend our reach in the defense of Muslim nonprofits, immigrants and citizens who face religious and racial discrimination and inequity in the Federal system. Give an irreplaceable gift – JUSTICE!

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Zakat eligible & tax deductible