The Muslim Legal Fund of America considers cases with significant potential impact on civil rights and liberties in America. MLFA does not fund cases solely on the basis of a person’s religious identity.

MLFA Defends Muslims by providing pro bono legal services in criminal, civil, and immigration law at the federal level. MLFA’s legal division CLCMA defends against unjust prosecution, governmental overreach, and systems of oppression through civil, immigration, and criminal litigation. All legal services are provided at no cost to beneficiaries.


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Imad Wadi had his own business, importing and exporting cardamom from Texas to Colombia. He had an idea for a new business,...
Ayman Soliman is no stranger to oppression. He participated in student protests in Egypt. As he became more involved, he started writing...
We learned about Martin Luther King, Jr. in school. We learned about the NAACP. If someone was trying to tell you what...
MLFA has been influential in changing laws that target Muslims in the United States. In this case, our attorneys from the Constitutional...
You’re starting to put the pieces together. You have a growing family. You’re making progress on your Information Science degree. You’ve found...
MLFA’s Constitutional Law Center for Muslims in America (CLCMA) has been successful at getting more than a dozen clients off the No...
You’ve raised these children. All along they’ve been your responsibility, but not everything they do is under your control. Now they’re adults,...
MLFA’s Legal Division filed a new lawsuit today, on behalf of our client Halil Demir. Mr. Demir, the Executive Director of the...