MLFA Signs onto Letter Calling for End to Anti-Muslim Training

DALLAS — Aug. 14, 2014 — Muslim Legal Fund of America joined a coalition of 75 organizations that sent a letter today to Lisa Monaco, assistant to the president of Homeland Security, in which the organizations call for tangible reform to federal law enforcement training after reports surfaced showing anti-Muslim slurs being used in official training documents.

Groups want the administration to make “training and materials consistent with our American values.”

In the letter, the coalition states:

The use of anti-Muslim trainers and materials is not only highly offensive, disparaging the faith of millions of Americans, but leads to biased policing that targets individuals and communities based on religion, not evidence of wrongdoing. Government training materials that include religious epithets also foster fear and suspicion of American Muslims among law enforcement and the general public, increasing discrimination, bullying, harassment, and anti-Muslim violence.

Khalil Meek, executive director of MLFA, said that anti-Muslim bias has no place in a just legal system.

“This training problem and the anti-Muslim bias is creates threatens very fabric of our justice system,” Meek said. “Unfairly targeting one group based solely on their religious identity is patently un-American.”

Meek encourages supporters to read the letter and spread the message that anti-Muslim hate should never be a part of law enforcement training. Supporters can share this message on their social media accounts with the hashtags #IAmATarget #NSA #FBI with a message such as “Why are law enforcement agencies using anti-Muslim training materials?”

Muslim Legal Fund of America is a national charity that funds legal work and programs to defend Muslims against injustice in American courtrooms, prisons, and communities. Established in 2001, MLFA has defended freedom of speech, association, religion, the right to a fair trial, and other constitutional rights.

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