MLFA Funds Driver’s Right to Work While Muslim

Family’s sole breadwinner offered “help” if he becomes informant, but refuses

DALLAS — June 13, 2016 — Representatives from Muslim Legal Fund of America, a nonprofit civil liberties legal fund, said the organization is funding the legal work to defend Mohamed Al-Seraji’s right to work in his chosen profession without unwarranted government interference.

Al-Seraji earned his Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) in preparation for a job he was offered, which also required a Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) card. After he was interviewed by TSA and FBI agents, he was denied his application for a TWIC card.

Soon after, FBI agents started pressuring Al-Seraji to become an informant, claiming they would be able to assist him with his TWIC card issue if he agreed. However, Al-Seraji maintained that he was no interested in becoming an FBI informant and only wanted to work and support his family.

Khalil Meek, executive director of MLFA, said that such strong-arm tactics run counter to the American ideals of freedom, liberty and justice for all.

“Federal law enforcement should not be in the business of holding American Muslims’ livelihood hostage or blocking them from participating in the economy,” said Meek. “This case makes people wonder if the FBI believes the American Dream is meant for everyone except American Muslims.”

Meek said that people wanting to support this and similar cases can donate on the MLFA website at

Muslim Legal Fund of America (MLFA) is a national civil liberties legal fund that defends the U.S. Bill of Rights by supporting legal cases involving civil liberty encroachments. Established in 2001, MLFA has defended freedom of speech, freedom of religion, right to a fair trial, due process of law and many of our nation’s civil liberties.