MLFA and ALC Team-Up to Safeguard Syrian-Americans

DALLAS — Sept. 18, 2013 — The Muslim Legal Fund of America and the Asian Law Caucus are teaming up to provide Syrians in United States with information about their legal rights in response to reports of increased scrutiny from and visits by federal law enforcement agents.

Reports of increased FBI visits prompt rights groups to issue guidelines for Syrians in America

On August 13, the New York Times reported that F.B.I. agents are increasing the agency’s surveillance of Syrians in America. The government is expressing concerns that US military strikes against President Bashar al-Asad’s forces may spur retaliation attacks against US targets (see:

The organizations published a community advisory to spread awareness about legal rights. The advisory includes phone numbers and website addresses for individuals who are being approached and who need help safeguarding their legal rights as a result.

“We’ve seen too many people put in prison because they spoke with the F.B.I. in good faith without an attorney,” said Khalil Meek, Executive Director of MLFA. “Community members should understand their legal rights during these types of situations and seek legal representation.”

Yaman Salahi, staff attorney with the Asian Law Caucus, said that even unintentional misstatements can be used against individuals attempting to help law enforcement.

“People who have nothing to hide should be the first to seek the advice of an attorney before walking into a meeting with law enforcement,” said Yaman Salahi. “The stakes are very high. We want to make sure people in the community have an attorney’s advice every step of the way.”

MLFA and ALC are circulating an advisory document for Syrians and others being profiled and targeted by federal law enforcements. The advisory lists phone numbers for community legal groups that you can call for free legal help.

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