MLFA Supports Its Harvard Student Clients and Will Hold Harvard to its Promises to Rescind Suspensions

MLFA welcomes the news that Harvard University agreed today to rescind its involuntary suspensions of many pro-Palestinian students — some of whom were not even part of the group staying at the encampment.

All of those students retain their rights to free speech and equal treatment, and an equal chance at their education. Yet Harvard suspended many on Friday with vague allegations applied to a wide range of students, who shared only their pro-Palestinian positions. 

Today, Harvard agreed to rescind those suspensions and “back down on disciplinary measures faced by” even more pro-Palestinian students.

“The allegations Harvard made against these students do not allege violence. They do not allege hate speech. They do not allege violations of the law. Yet Harvard suspended many students, and gave them one day to vacate their residences,” observed MLFA’s Civil Litigation Department Head Christina A. Jump. “We welcome the retraction by Harvard of these unjustified suspensions as well as its other promises, and hope to see Harvard administration create positive steps toward balanced studies about Palestine–not simply undo the damage of its own creation.”

We’ll be watching.