MLFA’s Captivates Audience at ICNA-MAS Convention

May 27, 2023
Baltimore, Maryland

The ICNA-MAS Convention held in Baltimore, Maryland, this past weekend brought together tens of thousands from the Muslim community for their 48th annual convention. The convention served as a platform for sharing knowledge, fostering unity, and addressing important issues. MLFA (Muslim Legal Fund of America) had the privilege of presenting two critical panels during the event, attracting crowds from across the country. These panels provided valuable insights and discussions on pressing matters, highlighting MLFA’s expertise and commitment to serving the Muslim community. The convention’s success and the overwhelming response to MLFA’s panels demonstrate the importance of such gatherings in strengthening the bonds and empowering individuals within the Muslim community.



MLFA’s expert panelists included lawyers from our Legal Division and our trusted CEO, Arshia Ali-Khan who presented two gripping panels. Criminal Attorney Sufia Khalid led a transformative conversation on “Social Media, Your Children, and the FBI,” shedding light on the potential risks and challenges faced by Muslim youth in today’s digital age.

The transformative conversation on “Social Media, Your Children, and the FBI” highlights the critical examination of the risks and challenges that Muslim youth encounter in the contemporary digital landscape. It underscores the significance of understanding the implications of social media on their lives, particularly in relation to the involvement of law enforcement agencies like the FBI. This discourse raises awareness about the potential vulnerabilities and consequences Muslim youth may face online, emphasizing the need for proactive measures to protect their well-being, privacy, and rights. By fostering dialogue and understanding, this conversation aims to empower parents, educators, and communities to guide and support Muslim youth effectively, ensuring their safety, resilience, and active participation in the digital world.


Alongside CEO, Arshia Ali-Khan, Civil, Attorney Samira Elhosary led a panel entitled “Judgment in the Name of Religion,” that explored the legal implications of religious judgments and their impact on the rights and freedoms of Muslims in America.

Through their panel, they delved into the legal complexities and ramifications of religious judgments, particularly focusing on their effects on the rights and freedoms of Muslims in America. By shedding light on this important topic, MLFA contributed to a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by Muslims when religious judgments intersect with the legal system. Their efforts fostered critical discussions and provided insights into the necessary balance between religious beliefs and individual liberties within the American context. This exploration highlighted MLFA’s commitment to safeguarding the rights of Muslims and promoting a just and inclusive society for all.

Audiences praised the presentations that offered a more human and realistic insight into matters that impact our communities more than we like to admit. The overwhelmingly positive response from the audience to our panels has led to numerous requests for MLFA to bring these insightful discussions to other communities. In light of this demand, MLFA has made the decision to extend the availability of these panels to a wider audience. By offering these panels to the broader public, MLFA aims to expand the reach of knowledge and foster meaningful conversations beyond the convention, ensuring that more individuals have the opportunity to benefit from the valuable insights and expertise shared.

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