Who is the Motorcycle Imam?

Imam Ahmed Alkhaldy is the Vice President of Mercy without Limits, an organization that helps orphans around the world. The Motorcycle Imam started the Ride for Orphans to raise funds for those in need. Now he’s embarking on the Ride for Justice, on the road to freedom and equality for Muslims in the United States.

Imam Ahmed has an impressive list of accomplishments, including a medical degree and a second-degree black belt in Judo. He is also the president and imam for the Muslim American Society of Iowa.

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When the Ride for Justice comes to a city near you, please come out to meet our Motorcycle Imam and cheer him on.

We believe that Allah gives freely, without needing anything in return. The rain falls ¨slow and free¨ (O¨Donohue).
We can give the way comes, the way the wind blows (Bukhari 31:126)

How can I get involved?

Keep an eye on the Motorcycle Imam’s path on the map. When he comes to your city, bring your family to meet him. Learn about his travels, and learn about ways to support MLFA’s vision and mission.