No Fly List

A system implemented by the US government to ensure airline safety, however Muslim Americans have found themselves unfairly labeled as risks. MLFA is dedicated to providing legal support to those who have been unjustly targeted and placed on the No Fly List.


The issue of Quad S/Watchlists refers to the placement of individuals on government watchlists, which extends beyond travel restrictions. MLFA is actively addressing this issue by advocating for transparency and accountability.

Religious Discrimination

When individuals face unfair treatment solely based on their religious beliefs. MLFA is dedicated to fighting religious discrimination for the belief that it goes against the core values of America.

Anti-BDS Laws and Free Speech

Certain laws and contractual provisions aim to restrict individuals and entities from engaging in the Boycott Divest Sanction (BDS) movement. MLFA strives to ensure free expression of opinions without facing unjust repercussions.

Religious Accommodations in Institutions

American Muslims in prisons and institutions often face challenges when it comes to practicing their chosen religion. MLFA plays a vital role in ensuring the right to exercise religious freedom right is protected.

Religious Accommodations In Employment

Workers should be able to practice their religion without facing discrimination. We actively fight against religious discrimination and advocate for employers to fulfill their obligations in accommodating religious beliefs in the workplace.


Administrative Immigration Proceedings & Appeals

This issue involves the complexities of the U.S. immigration system, specifically the administrative immigration proceedings and appeals.

Removal Proceedings

Refers to the process where noncitizens can be legally removed from the United States under certain circumstances

Federal Court Litigation for Delayed/Denied Applications

In cases where Muslim applicants are experiencing unreasonable delays, MLFA files lawsuits to seek fair treatment and hold the government accountable.

Unsubstantiated Terrorism-Related Grounds of Inadmissibility (TRIG) Cases

These laws can be vague and broadly applied to noncitizens seeking immigration benefits, including American Muslims.


Criminalization of Free Speech and Charitable Giving

Congress passed a statute that has significantly impacted humanitarian aid to Muslim majority countries torn by war.

FBI Undercover Sting Operations

Undercover FBI sting operations seek to engage a criminal suspect in criminal activity. For instance, an undercover operative buying narcotics from a drug dealer.

Guilt By Association

A practice where individuals are held responsible for the actions or beliefs of people they know or associate with, even if they themselves are not directly involved in any wrongdoing.

FBI Informants & Surveillance

MLFA spent nine years immersed in the national security legal arena, gaining advanced knowledge of how the government operates in these cases.

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