Administrative Immigration Proceedings & Appeals

This issue involves the complexities of the U.S. immigration system, specifically the administrative immigration proceedings and appeals.

The Issue

This issue involves the complexities of the U.S. immigration system, specifically the administrative immigration proceedings and appeals. The process of obtaining immigration status in the U.S. can be slow but predictable.  It usually follows a pattern that includes submitting an application, paying fees, waiting for case review, attending interviews or hearings, and receiving a decision from the agency.

However, various factors can significantly impact the speed and fairness of the immigration system. These factors include extreme changes in immigration laws, budget shortages, office closures due to weather conditions, reassignment of employees, and time-consuming agency policies. Discrimination based on race, religion, and national origin can also result in slower processing of immigration cases, either through intentional mistreatment or under policies like USCIS’s Controlled Application Review and Resolution Program (CARRP).

American Muslims and Administrative Immigration & Appeals Processes

Unfortunately, the U.S. immigration system does not always uphold the principle of liberty and justice for all applicants. Muslim applicants, particularly those from majority Muslim countries, especially males and religiously educated individuals, face specific challenges. The U.S. government often wrongfully accuses them of being ineligible for immigration status due to national security concerns and employs discriminatory actions to delay or deny their immigration benefits.

MLFA’s Efforts to Address Discrimination in Administrative & Appeals Processes

The Muslim Legal Fund of America’s Immigration Litigation Department actively identifies and takes on cases where clients are targeted by immigration agencies for discriminatory reasons under false claims of national security. We aim to secure fair treatment not only for the individual client but also for others facing similar circumstances. MLFA utilizes various legal avenues, including administrative procedures, administrative appeals, and federal court litigation, to shed light on these discriminatory practices and advocate for fair treatment.

Expertise in Administrative Immigration Proceedings and Appeals

MLFA’s Immigration Litigation Department consists of experienced staff with expertise in immigration law and litigation. We carefully review cases to identify instances where the government’s actions are discriminatory and fall within MLFA’s mission. The department also recognizes legitimate reasons behind the government’s actions, ensuring that MLFA’s resources are utilized effectively to have a positive impact on the community. In the cases we represent, MLFA aggressively challenges the government’s discriminatory actions using both administrative actions and federal court litigation tools.




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