"Protect yourselves against doing injustice,
for injustice will be darkness on the Day of Resurrection."

Prophet Muhammad



Indeed, freedom is not free, but MLFA will fight for it until the end of time! We’re building a legal force that helps shape policies, protects the vulnerable, and creates a future where justice prevails. To unleash this legal force, it’s time for our community to think beyond the expected humanitarian aid, because beyond that aid there lies a realm where legal power becomes a force for lasting change for Muslims in America.
Each precedent set, every case argued, and every judgment rendered is a testament to the price paid for the precious gift of freedom. Our work must be fueled by our collective courage and conviction because we believe that Muslims in America in legal trouble will not have access to justice if they stand alone, we were built to stand with them. Will you stand with us?
We are witnessing the extermination of an entire people, our fates at home are intertwined with the people of Palestine – we cannot distance ourselves from this nightmare. It’s time to redirect our focus and build legal power for Muslims in America. Use your Zakat, Sadaqah, and year-end donation to prove how much justice and freedom are worth.