The Gaza Impact

The Gaza Impact: Navigating Challenging Times!

An exclusive event brought to you by the experts at Muslim Legal Fund of America.

Join us for a conversation crafted specifically with the Muslim non-profit sector in mind.

Addressing Urgency in Conflict Zones:

In the wake of a catastrophic war affecting regions in Gaza and the occupied territories, our teams recognize the urgent need to aid conflict zones while respecting legal boundaries. We will delve into key legal considerations to empower non-profits to carry out their noble missions without jeopardizing organizational integrity.


Understanding the Impact:

The events unfolding in and around Gaza have far-reaching consequences impacting us all. Many American Muslims and their allies share a common concern: fear of being targeted for raising their voices against injustice. Our team understands these apprehensions and aims to address them effectively, starting with understanding the law.


Save the Date – Friday, Feb. 16:

Join MLFA at the Islamic Center of Irving (2555 Esters Rd, Irving, TX 75062) for an event that provides answers to your questions. Our Imam Ahmed Elkhaldy will deliver the second Jummah Khutbah, inspiring the community with the 7 principles of a godly Muslim, followed by THE GAZA IMPACT from 6:10 to 7:40 pm—a private event for masjid employees and leaders from other masjids.



Sufia Khalid – Criminal Litigation Attorney

Samira Elhosary – Civil Litigation Junior Staff Attorney

Dr. Ahmed Elkhaldy – Director of Community Engagement & Stewardship


Together, we can navigate these challenges and advocate for justice with confidence. The team at MLFA is here to help ensure that your organization can effectively and safely operate during challenging times.