Taraweeh in Texas

Welcome to our Taraweeh gatherings, where the quintessence of Ramadan converges with the ethos of justice. As we convene in prayer and introspection, the Muslim Legal Fund of America (MLFA) extends a heartfelt welcome to all, urging you to embark on a voyage of empathy and advocacy with us. In the sanctified ambiance of this blessed month, we gather not only to nurture our spirits but also to reassert our dedication to championing and cementing justice for Muslims in America.

Join us on Monday, April 1st at the Islamic Center of Round Rock alongside our Director of Community Engagement and Stewardship, Imam Ahmed Elkhaldy.

To sustain our pivotal mission of safeguarding the rights and liberties of Muslims in America, we urgently seek your financial backing. Your magnanimous contributions empower us to furnish legal aid, advocacy, and empowerment endeavors that directly affect individuals, families, and communities grappling with injustice. With your support, we can uphold the precepts of justice and ensure that all Muslims enjoy access to impartial and equitable treatment under the law. Your donation isn’t merely a financial offering; it embodies a palpable manifestation of solidarity and allegiance to the cause of justice. Let us unite in determination to safeguard the rights and honor of all.

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