MLFA in your Community | The Gaza Impact

Join MLFA’s impactful Jummah Khutbah and Evening Talk event as part of our ongoing MLFA in Your Community events. This thought-provoking event, focused on addressing community fears amidst the collective punishment of Palestinians.

The most pressing concerns from our community to be addressed:


  • Free Speech During Times of Conflict
  • Is Your Social Media Activity Protected Speech?
  • How to Safely Send Aid to Gaza?
  • Reality vs. Propaganda in the Palestinian Context
  • How we Change the Narrative
  • One-sided Statements from our Trusted Institutions – How to Respond!
  • Protesting on Campus – What’s Protected?


Bring your questions, your voices, your passion, and determination to stand in solidarity with Palestine. Learn from the experts – understand the law & your rights!

Expert advice, and a panel discussion followed by a collective Dua.


Dr. Ahmed Elkhaldy, Director of Community and Engagement Stewardship

Basel Alhasan, Civil Litigation Junior Staff Attorney

Samira Elhosary, Civil Litigation Junior Staff Attorney.


Islamic Center of Hawthorne – Jan. 5th | After Isha.

12209 Hawthorne Way, Hawthorne, CA 90250


Join us for an evening of knowledge, community engagement, and meaningful conversations.