Leadership Training DALLAS – 10/21/23

Unlock Your Leadership Potential with MLFA’s Exclusive Training!

Are you a dedicated Muslim leader looking to empower your community and protect their rights? Look no further! The Muslim Legal Fund of America (MLFA) is thrilled to offer you a transformative opportunity that will elevate your leadership to new heights.


MLFA’s top legal experts are conducting a FREE, one-of-a-kind training event designed exclusively for Muslim leaders like you. This comprehensive training equips you with actionable knowledge that will not only benefit you but also make a profound impact on your community. 

One Day Only!

MAS Dallas Center located at 1515 Blake Dr, Richardson, TX 75081 from 10am to 3pm (CST).


For over two decades, MLFA has been at the forefront of defending the rights of Muslims in America. We strive to ensure justice for all, promoting legal compliance and protecting the rights of American Muslim organizations and individuals.

What to Expect:

Expert Guidance: Learn from the brightest legal minds in America, who are renowned experts in criminal law, civil law, and immigration law. Our trainers are dedicated to arming you with the tools and insights you need to effectively navigate the legal landscape that uniquely impacts your Muslim community.

Empowerment: Gain the confidence to protect your Muslim community’s rights, promote justice, and address legal challenges head-on. You’ll be equipped with practical strategies that enable you to make a real difference.

Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded Muslim leaders from mosques and organizations across the region. Forge valuable connections that will strengthen your leadership network building a stronger community.

What We’ll Cover:

Criminal Defense: Learn about the nuances of religious speech, protected speech, provocative speech, and the implications of political endorsements.

Presentation Topics:

  1.  1.- “Can I say that?” What Imams and Community Leaders need to know about religious speech including protected communications, provocative statements, and political endorsements.
  2. 2.- What religious leaders need to know about social media and the changing nature of undercover anti-terrorism operations, and what can be done.


Civil Litigation: Explore the complexities of religious workers and employers, overtime, religious exemptions, and the differentiation between employees and volunteers. Discover more about travel restrictions and available remedies.

Presentation Topics:

  1. 1.- Religious Workers and Religious Employers: Who Counts, Who Doesn’t and Where are the Risks? Overtime, religious exemptions, and employees vs. volunteers.
  2. 2.- “Why Am I on the Naughty List?” What You Can and Cannot Do When You Have Trouble with Travel – No Fly list, Quad S and available remedies.


Immigration: Gain insights into hiring foreign religious workers, understanding the visa, and green card processes. Discuss the intersection of Immigration law and national security relating to civil rights, due process, discrimination, and freedom of association leading to excessive government delays for Muslim applicants’ immigration cases.

Presentation Topics:

  1. 1.- What Masjids and organizations should know about hiring foreign religious workers: A brief overview of the R visa and SIV green card processes (for non-citizens who will perform full-time religious work in the U.S.).
  2. 2.- “Why is my immigration application taking so long?” A discussion of the intersection of Immigration law and national security as it relates to civil rights, due process, discrimination, and freedom of association leading to excessive government delays for Muslim applicants’ immigration cases.



Our esteemed speakers include Arshia Ali-Khan, (CEO of MLFA), Dr. Ahmed Elkhaldy (Director of Community Engagement & Stewardship), Charles Swift (Head of Criminal Litigation Department), Christina Jump (Head of Civil Litigation Department), and Kate Brady (Head of Immigration Litigation Department).


Why You Should Attend:

This event is an excellent opportunity to gain valuable insights into the legal matters that directly impact our community. By attending, you will be better prepared to navigate the complex network of injustice within our communities — from innocent Muslims unjustly jailed to individuals facing unjust immigration delays.

Join us for this 1-day exclusive event. Together, we can strengthen our network, equip ourselves better, and stand united against any form of injustice.

MLFA – We fight for justice. We stand for you.

For additional information or queries, please contact [email protected] or [email protected]. We look forward to welcoming you to this empowering event.