Gaza Impact: Is Your Nonprofit Safe?

A Training on Nonprofit Compliance during Challenging Times. 

A training on nonprofit compliance during challenging times brought to you by the experts at Muslim Legal Fund of America. Join us for a virtual training made specifically with the Muslim nonprofit in mind. 

In light of the catastrophic war affecting regions in Gaza and the occupied territories, it has become crucial for Muslim nonprofits to understand and navigate the legal landscape surrounding aid initiatives and compliance concerns. 

We recognize the urgency of aiding conflict zones while respecting legal boundaries, our teams will address key legal considerations to help non-profits carry out their noble missions without jeopardizing their organizational integrity. 

Nov. 21 | 4 PM CT

The team at MLFA is here to help ensure that your organization can effectively and safely operate during challenging times. 


Preventative Action. What nonprofits can do preventively to avoid being an object of government investigations.

Free Speech. What an Imam can and cannot say from the pulpit, and in other common situations.

Employment Compliance.Exploring the nonprofit employment actions, ensuring compliance with employment regulations to avoid government investigations, and how to handle employee free speech issues.

Immigration Perspectives. Ensuring nonprofit compliance with immigration laws to limit your risk of Immigrations & Customs Enforcement audits and Department of Labor sanctions. 

Sending Money Overseas: How to keep your nonprofit organization safe when sending money or aid overseas.